Swiss approach calculator


Calculates the swiss approach fee with the following formula: UnitPrice * (MTOW * MtowFactor) ^ PonderationPower

The UnitPrice and MTOW are given from the orderline and order.

It is very similar to the MTOW exponential calculator, only the Configuration string UseFormulaAboveMtow is extra.


MtowFactor(Default: 1)
This is the factor for which the MTOW is multiplied with before applying the ponderation power.

To use it like (MTOW/50) use an MtowFactor of 1/50=0.02.

PonderationPower(Default: 0.65)
The ponderation power used in the formula.

UseFormulaAboveMtow(Default: 5000)
The threshold for which the formula will return a result, otherwise it will return the unitprice.

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