E-mail read receipts

An E-mail read receipt is a method for monitoring the email delivery to intended recipient providing you with the exact time and date that an email was received. 

This is not however a guarantee that you will receive the read receipt, as not all clients will use email services that support read receipts or the users may have disabled the functionality. A client may, depending on the recipient's mail client and settings, be forced to click a notification button before they can move on with their work. Even though it is an opt-in process, a recipient might consider it inconvenient, discourteous, or invasive.

FBO One can request a read receipt for every outgoing email which includes supply order, movement message, new contact, new registration and others. This can be accomplished by entering an email in to the setting 'DispositionNotificationAddress' found within the Administration > Application > Application Settings. It may be that for FBO One users with multiple locations that this be set per location via the Administration ->FBO Locations -> Settings.

Please note: Should the 'DispositionNotificationAddress' setting be blank no read receipt will be requested.