Email templates

The email messages that FBO One sends can contain information about the actual flight, like aircraft registration and flight number. Such references are entered in the template as variables, that are surrounded by ~-characters. 

For example, the FBO confirms a handling order to the client, an email can be sent automatically. The text for the handling confirmation email message can be defined as a template using the Settings (Placeholder), in the setting HnConfirmationEmailBody.

The template could be defined like so:

Dear Customer,

Attached you will find our confirmation for handling of your ~AircraftTypeShortName~ aircraft with registration ~AircraftRegistrationCode~

Arrival:- ~MostActualArrivalTime~
Departure:- ~MostActualDepartureTime~
Our order number: ~OrderKey~


Kind regards,
Your FBO Company Name

The variables available in these templates, are shown in the template variables page.