Handling confirmation e-mail

FBO One can automatically send emails to the debtor, operator and trip support provider when an order is set to confirmed. 

The handling confirmation report is attached to the email as a PDF and contains all order and flight details.

The handling confirmation can also be sent to additional email addresses by simply entering the address(es) in the confirm screen.
Additional attachments can be added to the confirmation email using the 'Additional email attachments' section.

 In the Administration | Settings | Email Message Settings section the subject and body of the emails can be configured.

NOTE: Where multiple FBO Locations are handled by FBO One, the Handling Confirmation settings can be managed on a per location basis allowing for different email texts to be set per location. This can be done by using the same settings as mentioned above, but adding them per location via Administration | FBO Locations.

Use the 'edit' button adjacent to the settings to update the confirmation email text.
Email template variables can be used here to auto-fill some of the data as shown below.

Once sent (via Confirm Handling), the above Handling Confirmation email body setting populates the text in an email as shown below. The Handling Confirmation pdf is attached along with any additional attachments that may have been added.

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