New contact e-mail

FBO One can automatically send an email when a new contact has been created.
This is typically used to notify the accounting department, so that they may enter the contact details in the accounting system. They may also update the contact details in FBO One with the contact number from the accounting system.
This email may also serve as a notification to Management and/or Sales teams, highlighting a new client. They may then wish to welcome this client in person, or by follow-up email.  

The address(es) to which this email is sent, can be configured in Administration | Application | Application Settings | NewContactEmailList.

The subject and body of the emails can be configured in Administration | Application | Email Message Settings, by updating the NewContactEmailBody and NewContactEmailSubject settings: Details Here

As a new contact can be shared over different locations, the From address will be taken from the global (not the location specific) settings.

The default email body (above) contains a hyperlink to the new contact created within FBO One.
This allows for the recipient to access the contact directly in FBO One, using the link in the email.


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