Open orders backup e-mail

The Backup Document is a PDF file containing some reports with all detailes of the coming orders.

It is meant to backup orders, so if the internet connection is lost all details will still be available and by printing the paper report you can continue working from this.

This document can be sent out on regular intervals. The intervals can be set in via the edit function of the MailBackup robot in the administration screen.

The e-mail address (or addresses) the backup document is sent to can be configured via the setting BackupDocumentsEmailAddress in the settings section of the administration screen.

You can set up FBO location specific settings via the FBO locations screen in the administration section.

The best way we think to set it up is to create a rule in your inbox so these email backups will be put in a separate folder instead of your inbox. This way you will still receive the backups, but you are not bothered by them until you will actually need them.


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