Creating new registrations

In this exercise you'll create a new registration in FBO One. We'll use the default debtor and operator created in the creating a new contact exercise.

Goal of this exercise

  1. To be able to create a new aircraft registration.
  2. To understand how most information is derived from the aircraft type and can be overridden.

Exercise overview

Create a registration 'XY-XXX' for a A380 operated by Amsterdam Software Aircraft.

Change the CS-DFB order to this registration

Change the MTOW of this registration

Step by step

Let’s assume the company that we just created owns an aircraft. To create it, go back to the homepage and click ‘add aircraft registration’.

In the next screen, you can enter the registration (use XY-XXX). For the type pick A380. Select the just created company as the default debtor and operator. The default trip support provider can be left blank.

Probably one of the most important fields is the MTOW. You can leave it blank: FBO One will use the weight of the type for this registration. But if you somehow have different information for this specific registration, you can enter a weight that will override that of the type.

The weight will be used in automatic price calculation for handling and usually things like parking fees.

Save the registration with a blank MTOW first.

The bottom section (details tab) of the aircraft registration screen shows there is no registration specific MTOW, so FBO One will use the MTOW of the type.

Now edit the registration again, and enter a specific MTOW.

Notice FBO One will automatically assign a handling category to this aircraft. Now change the registration specific MTOW so that your registration gets into another category.

In FBO One, there is a way to put an aircraft in a different handling category. To do this,go to the ‘Specific handling categories’ tab, and set a specific handling category for Amsterdam. A new handling category can be created by clicking the 'Add new' button.This action overrides the handling category based on weight.  This changes the handling category, and therefore the prices of services that are based on handling category. Services charged by weight, will still use the weight of the aircraft. Notice how in the details tab and in the overview screen the handling category is now changed to CAT06.

Apparently, the customer from the CS-DFB order needed a bigger aircraft, and have opted for the service of Amsterdam Software aircraft. Change the registration from CS-DFB to XY-XXX via the edit order screen as we did with the debtor in the pervious exercise. Notice how the debtor automatically changes when you edit the registration.

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