Aircraft Registration (Fields)

The aircraft registration screen in FBO One contains the following fields that can be edited within the edit registration screen.

Registration code

The aircraft tail number or registration code without the dash (if inserted this will automatically be removed).

Aircraft type

The aircraft type, selected from a configurable list.

Rename registration / change type

To prevent accidental renames or type changes, the user must enter a confirmation code relating to the amount of orders a rename/type change will affect. See: Rename protection for Organizations, Registrations and Types - An extra layer of confirmation and security


If unchecked, the registration will become inactive (renamed with a _INACTIVE suffix) and be hidden when creating new orders. See: How to make an aircraft registration inactive

Default operator(s)

The default operator of the aircraft. This will be used automatically for every order created. The default operator(s) can be different per aircraft administration.

Default debtor(s)

The default debtor of the aircraft. This will be used automatically for every order created. If left blank, the default operator will be taken as the default debtor for this registration. If more than one Debtor is possible for this registration, users can modify the debtor during order creation The default debtor(s) can be different per aircraft administration.

Default trip support provider

The default trip support provider for this registration. The default trip providers can be different per aircraft administration.

Exclude from AOC

If checked, VAT will be charged for this aircraft, even if the operator has an AOC

Specific MTOW

If left blank the MTOW from the aircraft type will be used. This field should only be used when the MTOW for this specific registration differs from the default MTOW for this aircraft type.

Specific Seats

The specific number of seats on this aircraft. This field should only be used when the number of seats for this registrations differs from the default figure shown under the aircraft type. This feature is used by the seats calculator.

Custom Values

This section may or may not appear. Depending on the setup, FBO One may display custom fields to be completed under this section. (Examples: Noise Category or Emissions Value)

Serial Number

Insert the aircraft serial number in this field if known


These remarks are just for reference, they are not printed on handling orders. Example: "This aircraft is blue with white stripes"

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