Countries (Fields)

A country in FBO One has the following fields that can be edited via the country section in Administration screen.



Unofficial 2 letter code

Two-letter ISO country code. See list of country codes here.


The country name

Dial in access code

Country code (for phone numbers)


The currency code

Registration prefix

Prefix for aircraft registrations. Note: this is not used by FBO One to show a dash in the aircraft registration code, the table aircraftregistrationprefix is used instead.

Station prefix

Prefix for ICAO code stations.

Is EU [deprecated]

Indicates the country is part of the European Union. This field is not used for the EC-reversed VAT logic, the Countries for EC reversed VAT (Administration) is used instead.

ISO Alpha 3 Code

The official ISO Alpha 3 code. See list of country codes here.

Countries custom values

Custom Value

Add custom values for the selected country.

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