Crew member (Fields)

In order to generate documents such as GenDec's, Passenger manifest, Custom declaration a crew member can be added to a flight leg. This can be accomplished via the Crew / Pax tab found in the order page.  Note that this is may also used for all persons accessing the aircraft, including Passengers, Medical Staff, Flight Engineer or even Observers such as embassy personnel.List of available fields for adding/editing crew/pax in the crew/pax tab.

Crew/Pax type

Mandatory Field which can be used to select different kinds of crew. See crew type for an explanation of the different crew types.

First Name

Given first name.

MIddle Name


Last name

Given name.



Date of birth

DD/MM/YYYY format only.

Place of birth

Same as stated in provided travel document.


Country of nationality


Optional - full address separated by commas (,).

Travel document type

Passport or Identity card. See How to create new Travel Document types.

Passport number

Same as stated in provided travel document.

passport expiry date

DD/MM/YYYY format only (red text will show if expired).

passport Country of issue

Same as stated in provided travel document.

place of issue

Same as stated in provided travel document.

date of issue

DD/MM/YYYY only – same as in provided travel document.


Optional – free text of Pilot License number.


Free text remarks.

The Default crew types are PIC (Pilot in command) SIC (Second in command) FA (Flight attendant) and PAX (Passenger). Additional 'Crew types' can be added if required a few examples of these are  MED (Medical Staff),  ENG (Flight Engineer), NFC (Non Flight Crew)  and even OBS (Observer)

In order to ensure Client confidentiality FBO One has a setting which enables passenger data to be periodically cleaned from system. This setting is found in the Settings section of the Administration page (IsCleanPaxEnabled). Should this be enabled only passenger information i.e PAX will be cleaned, all other crew types will remain. For additional information related to the Clean Pax function see link below 

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