Flight leg (Fields)

A Flight leg or a 'movement' represents a flight sector inbound or output n arrival or departing flight sector. in FBO One has the following fields that can be edited in the edit flights screen, or directly in the create order screen.

The departure fields STD, ATD and ETD are usually not visible for the incoming flight leg. The same goes for the arrival fields for the outgoing flight leg. Still they do exist and can /will be used by the CFMU Link for example.

Flight type

The flight type of this flight leg. The flight types can be configured in the Administration section.

Flight number

The flight number of this flight leg.


Location of origin station.


Location of destination station.


Scheduled Time of Arrival.


Actual Time of Arrival.


Estimated Time of Arrival. This field is updated by the CFMU link.


Scheduled Time of Departure.


Actual Time of Departure.


Estimated Time of Departure. This field is updated by the CFMU link.


Number of pax.


Number of crew members.

Baggage pieces

Number of baggage pieces.

Baggage weight

Weight of all the baggage pieces together.


Free text for boarding information. 

Airport slot

Date and time of the airport slot. For inbound legs this is the arrival, for outbound legs the departure airport slot. (see How to use airport slot products)

Airway slot

Date and time of the airway slot, this may be set by CFMU/Eurocontrol automatically and is a slot given from airspace restrictions. See CFMU Link


TOBT (Target-off blocks time) is used for adding an estimate date time for when the aircraft will be ready for departure (all aircraft doors closed, boarding bridge disconnected, pushback tow-tug is in place and ready to start-up / pushback upon receiving the ATC clearance.)


TSAT (Target Start-up Approval Time) is typically provided by the ATC taking into account the TOBT and slot times. It is when the aircraft can expect to receive start up / push back approval.

CFMU Link Enabled

Allows updates from CFMU/Eurocontrol to the ETA/ETD and Airway slot fields of the flight leg. See CFMU Link

Flight Aware Link Enabled

Allows updates from FlightAware to the ETA/ETD fields of the flight leg. See FlightAware link

Operator Link Enabled

Allows updates from Operator links to the flight leg. See NetJets Link

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