Ledger (Fields)

A Ledger in FBO one is the link to the ledger in the accounting system. The ledger number field, is the field that actually links a product (each product can be assigned a ledger in thelocation specific product data) to a account in the accounting system.



The administration that has this ledger.

Ledger Number

The number of this ledger in the accounting system. This number is used in the export so must match exactly. It is the way the products and VAT levels in FBO One are linked to the accounting system, just like the Contact Number does that for contacts.

Ledger Type

The type of ledger. Possible values:

  1. B Balance
  2. P Profit

Actually, the ledger type is a free field, any letter can be entered, and the usage is defined by the type of export to the accounting system, as is the actual meaning.


A description of what this ledger is used for.


Not actually used, leave unchecked.


Not actually used, leave unchecked.


Not actually used, leave unchecked.


For some export formats, checking this option will generate a single line for this ledger in the export file. Leaving it unchecked will always generate a line in the export for every occurence of this ledger in the output. For example, for VAT ledgers you may want to check the box as you'll probably want just a single line in the export, and you don't need the VAT split by service. In case of doubt leave it unchecked.


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