Organization (Fields)

An organization in FBO One is a kind of contact. Just like a person is a contact. Apart from these organization specific fields, organizations also have general contact fields


Type of contact

Any contact can be:

  1. Debtor
  2. Operator
  3. Trip Support provider
  4. Supplier

In general if any of these boxes is checked the organization can be used as where the system expects an organization of the given type.


AOC number

The AOC number for this organization. It can be left blank if there is no (valid) AOC.

AOC valid until

The expiration date of the AOC.

Validate from operator

In some situations, the debtor is the Trip Support Provider (for instance Universal) but still no VAT should be payed if the operator as a valid AOC. By checking this box in the Trip Support Provider, FBO One will check the operator's AOC to decide whether or not to apply VAT. So, this box should only be checked for Trip Support Providers (like Universal) and if the tax authority agrees the operator's AOC wil be valid in such a case. 


If this organization is a debtor for an order, this field defines if VAT should be charged: never, always (depending on the product settings) or based on the AOC. Possible values:

  1. Never: As a debtor, this contact will never pay VAT on any product.
  2. Yes (from product): As a debtor, this contact will pay VAT, based on the settings in the product definition. Every product in FBO One can have its own VAT rate. Many countries have a 'high' and a 'low' rate, but products can also be VAT free.
  3. AOC: Whether VAT will be charged for this contact as a debtor will be based on the AOC settings. If an the AOC is valid (has a number and is not expired yet) and this aircraft is not exempt from the AOC, no VAT will be charged. If there is no valid AOC or the aircraft registration is exempt, VAT will be charged.

In any case VAT will be charged, the EC reversed VAT logic rules may apply, resulting in no VAT on the invoice. 

VAT Number

The VAT Number of this organization. This is mandatory for the EC reversed VAT logic rules to apply.

Country for VAT purposes

The Country of this organization, as used by the EC reversed VAT logic rules.

Carrier code
Debtor order number

This field is not used actually used in FBO One. Should not be confused with the Debtor Order Number field in the order. It is just shown on the invoice like this:

Mandatory reference fields

This setting can make the billing remark and/or the debtor reference number mandatory for any order where this contact is the debtor

Operator type

The default flight type for orders for this organization. This field is only valid if the organization is an operator.

Handling request debtor key

This field can usually be left blank. Its used for the NetJets Link.



batch invoices

if checked, this means multiple orders will be combined in one invoice for this debtor. To create a separate invoice for each order, uncheck this option.

include invoices in entry export file

if checked, invoices for this debtor will be include in the entryexport file.

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