Parking position (Fields)

parking position has the following fields that can be edited in the Parking areas & positions (Administration) page.


Used when the parking must be calculated for a different price category than the default for the parking area. Parking calculators (like the parking per 24 hours and parking quantity calculator) use the parking price category to determine whether or not to include this position in their calculations. 


The name of the position.

Can Contain Multiple Aircraft

Defines if the position can have multiple aircraft, for instance for a Hangar or ramp area without fixed parking positions. It is used by the parking planning query, to decide if a position is filled or not.


Debtor that can be use for this parking location. Used for handling importers that also import parking position to define the order's debtor. 

sort index

Used in the OPS Parking filter drop down and Planning Chart. Lower numbers sort to the top.

In Planning Chart

Indicates if the position is displayed in the parking planning chart. See Parking planning

Capacity in M2

Footprint capacity expressed in square meters. Set this value for hangars and stands that can contain multiple aircraft. The planning chart will show a timeline of the footprint used versus the FootprintCapacityInM2 of the stand. See Parking planning

Is Active

This allows disabling and hiding parking positions that are no longer in use.

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