Person (Fields)

A person in FBO One is a kind of contact. Just like an organization is a contact. Apart from these person specific fields, persons also have general contact fields.
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The last name of the person.


The first name of the person.


Initials. Beware: this is not the validation key.

Date of birth

Date of birth. For reference only.

Type of contact

A person can be a debtor, a staff member (employee), pax or crew.




The organization this person is working for.

Not part of an organization

If checked, the field above can be left blank.

Job title

A description of the job title


The department the person is working for.

Staff number


Validation Key

If the person is a staff member, this field has the validation key he or she uses to 'sign' every change in the system. Usually initials are used, 2 or 3 letters.

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