Product (Fields)

A product in FBO One has the following fields that can be edited in the edit product screen. Apart from these general fields, products also have location-specific fields.


Product Code

mandatory field containing the product code. This code is used to select the product from lists. For location specific products in multi-location environments, it is good practice to add a location code at the end.


the description of the product, used on the handling order.

Unit Code

the unit code, used on the handling order. Unit codes can be defined in Administration screen.

Show unit and quantity on invoice

whether or not to show the unit and quantity information on the handling order. Usefull for example in the case of 321 liters of de-icing fluid, or 12 hours of parking, but nog needed for handling or landig fees.


Can be manually added

if checked this product will show up in the pulldown of the 'add service' screen.

Available in 'Add services' screen

if checked this product will show up in list of the add services screen. Whether or not it will show up in the 3 pulldowns at the bottom of the add services screen, depends on the 'can be manually added' checkbox.

Can be added more than once

if unchecked, the system will not allow to add this products more than once for each order. This way users are forced to use the quantity field.


Relates by default to

indicates wheter this product should relate to arrival or departure. This is important when the order is split automatically, for instance via the Netjets link.

Show indicator

if checked, the indicator will show up in the services tab of the order screen.

Can indicator be changed for services of this product

if checked users can change the default for a specific service.

Is arrival/departure indicator applicable:

Often applicable, except for group-header products such as 'Third Party Services'. When an order is split by the Netjets Link due to an aircraft change, all services and groups will be moved from one order to another according to their arrival/departure indicator
(see example: Using the arrival/departure indicator for group products


Hide 'invoice to follow'

<span class="HelpText">Use this for tasks like 'Meteo briefing' that may have no charge. Clearing this prints 'Invoice to follow' on the handling order and '?' on the screen if the price is missing

Is price mandatory

if checked the system won't allow an order to move to the registered state if there is no price for this product. Price must therefore be supplied by the front office


Number of decimals to round unit price

for some calculators the price may end up with 3 or more decimals. Usually you'll want to round it to 2 decimals, by setting this field to 2.

Calculation priority relative to other products

this field is used for the Order Surcharge calculator. It can usually left to be 0.


Is group

indicates this product is not an actual product, but the name for a group of products.

Collapse group

if checked, all products in this group are hidden on the handling order. The total amount of the group is shown on the invoice.

Show group sub-total

If checked a groups sub-total will be show on a handling order.

Is group with quantity and supplier 

Often used for Fuel products that contain child products for each price component. The price components must be marked as Take Quantity And Supplier From Group 

Take quantity from group

 Allows the selection of either none, quantity from group, absolute quantity from group and progress time from group

Take supplier and sku from group

Set this to true to copy the supplier, delivery date, start and end time of parent group. 

Column for amount


Select one or two workflows that are applicable for the product that you are creating or editting


Show in order screen if price is 0

If checked, the service will show in the order details screen even if the price is zero. So its best to leave this checked, if its not VERY important to hide it on screen for zero prices services.

Show on handling order if price is 0

If checked, the service will show on the handling order even if the price is 0. This may be important to show the client services are done for free. On the other hand, services that are auto-added can be hidden this way if the (automatically calculated) price is 0.

Show on handling request/confirmation

Standard services don't need to be shown on the confirmation or handling request. These include things like the handling itself or airportfees.

Show in ramp screen (Show on daily service summary)

If checked the service will show up on the ramp screen and in ramp task related reports like the Daily Service Summary.

Show in touch add services quick list

If checked the product will show in the quick list of the add services touch screen

Show service data on handling order

The service date is the delivery date, or if thats blank the arrival date if the service is related to arival or else the departure date. To show it on the invoice, check this box. Normally it is left blank, not to clutter the invoice with information.

Hide from planboard until

This can be a number to hide a service from the order grid until the given amount of minutes before departure. By entering this number for products, you can prevent the order grid from getting cluttered with services that are not relevant yet. (usually ramp services).

Sort index

Defines the sort order on the handling order and order details screen.


Is supplier order number mandatory

If checked, the supplier order number field will be mandatory for this service

Can supplier be selected

If checked, the user will be able to manually select a supplier for this service

Supply order email default

If checked the 'email to supplier' box is ticked by default in the place order screen.

Show supplier name on reports

If checked, the supplier name will be shown on the handling order (invoice)

Use delivery date as price reference date

If checked, the price is determined based on the delivery date instead of the order's price reference date. If the service has no delivery date, the order's price reference date is used.

Has price reference date for Child Services

If checked, Child product can inherit the delivery date from the parent, to be used as the reference date for pricing. If the product is a Group, the price referencedate is inherited from the group regardless of this setting

Is delivery date applicable

If checked the delivery date/time fields will be visable in the edit service. If unchecked the fields will not shown. 

Is supplier invoice required

If checked the third party supplier invoice fields will be visible when updating the service. If unchecked the fields will not be visible. Note: If checked the supplier invoice must be entered prior to the order being booked.

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