ProductFieldsLocationSpecific (Fields)

A product in FBO One has some general fields, but also location specific fields that can be different for FBO Locations.

FBO location

defines the FBO location for which these settings work.

VAT code

the VAT level for this location.

Check AOC for VAT

if checked, the AOC (Glossary) is checked to find out whether or not to charge VAT (Glossary).

Is EC reverse VAT applicable

if checked, the EC reverse VAT rules will be applied for this product.


the service workflow attached to this product.


the ledger code for this product.


the cost center for this product.


the sub-administration for this product .


the supplier of this product. Its used to send supply orders automatically.

Supplier productcode

the productcode in the suppliers system.

Price calculator

in case the price calculation is not simply amount x unit price, this is the place to select the calculator.

Calculator settings

extra settings for a special price calculator.

Parking price cat.

The price category for parking, used by the parking calculator.


if left unchecked this product is not active and will not show up in any pulldowns.

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