Report query column (Fields)

This table regulates how columns of queries appear on reports.

(Query) Column

The name of the column that will be in the report, for example pax names, origin, destination. It depends on the type of query what  kind of columns are available.

Custom property

Use this field only in combination with the column 'Custom property'. Here it can set which custom property will be displayed.

Column Offset

The number here determines in what Excel column the information will be put. A '0' corresponds with column A in Excel, a '1' corresponds with column B in Excel and so on. Use this for a report with many records. 

Row Offset

This number corresponds with the row in Excel. A '0' corresponds with row 1 in Excel. Use this to create a top down report, with the column names top-down in the first column and the records in the second column. The orders query for example is suitable for this type of report.

Column Width

If not using a template, the width of the column in Excel can be set here.

Column Alias

Use this in combination with the 'Show columns names' option. Here a name for the column can be chosen. If left blank the FBO One database name for the column will be displayed. 

Column Format

Semi-colon separated field to specify formatting; alignment is supported: left, center, right. Additionally for QR codes formatting of the column data can be added see How to add a QR code to a report.

Formula expression

The formula to render, in case Query Column represents a formula column. Formulas must be in R1C1 reference style. This means that cells are not referenced as A1 but as RC[-1] indicating the current row and the previous column compared to the current cell. Named ranges can be used to reference fixed ranges.

Is included in QR code

If true, the column will be part of the generated QR code. See How to add a QR code to a report.

QR code sort index 

Sort index for where this column's value will display in the generated string in the QR code. See How to add a QR code to a report.

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