Service (Fields)

A service in FBO One has the following fields that can be edited in the edit service screen.

Relates to

defines wheter the service relates to departure or arrival. This field may not be editable, depending on the product settings.


the quantity of the serivce. Services like de-icing might be charged in liters or parking per hour. The unit code is configurable in the product.


the price of the service. It might be calculated automatically by a price agreement, or entered manually. This price will typically be multiplied by the quantity to get the total price. (except if a special price calculator is defined in the product)

Currency code

the currency

Supplier ordernumber

an ordernumber from the supplier.

Delivery on

date (and time) for this service to be delivered by the supplier

Supply order contents

the text on the suppy order. By default this field will be filled with the supply order template, but you can freely edit it for this specific service.


remarks for this service, that will be printed on the handling order.


Hidden fields

Also some fields are not visible in the edit service screen:


This field is used for timed ramp tasks, and set via the ProgressStart / ProgressEnd transition workflow transition action.


This field is used for timed ramp tasks, and set via the ProgressEnd transition workflow transition action.


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