Workflow (Fields)

A workflow in FBO One has the following fields



The name of the workflow


The description of the workflow

Workflow type

Indicates the workflow type, can be:

  1. Order
  2. Service
  3. Invoice
  4. Entry
  5. EntryPeriod
  6. SkuPeriod
  7. Fuel
Visible in accounting

Indicates if this workflow is visible in accounting


Indicates if this workflow is active


The sortIndex set the order if multiple workflows are shown in a list, as in the create order screen.

To be cancelled state

The name of the 'to be cancelled' state. This setting is used by automated processes like the Netjets link, to know what state to change to in case of a cancellation. This is usually not the final cancelled state, as this automatic cancellation should be manually confirmed.

Arrival before departure

Indicates for this workflow the arrival is before the departure (only relevant for order workflows). This is important for the sort order in the order grid and planboard, and for the checks on arrival an departure times.


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