Workflow transition (Fields)

A workflow transition in FBO One has the following fields

Current workflow state

The workflow state this transition comes from

Next workflow state

The workflow state this transition goes to


The name of this transition. Good practice is to use an 'active' name, preferably a verb like 'Confirm' or 'Request' as transitions represent actions.


The description of this transition, will be shown as a tooltip on the Name


The sortIndex sets the order if multiple transitions are shown in a list


The workflow transition action to be executed for this transition. If this is left blank, a simple screen with just the audit remarks, validation key and Ok/Cancel buttons is shown. Of course you should only choose actions for the type of this workflow.

Remarks required

Indicates audit remarks are mandatory for this workflow transition.

Config string

Extra configuration for the workflow transition action.

Restricted to FBO location group

If checked, the workflow transition only applies to the selected FBO location group.

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