FBO One on Mobile devices such as phones and tablets

FBO One is fully compatible on any mobile device, including Android and iPhone iOS using modern web browsers.

The Movements and Handlings Planboard and Order screens are dynamically sized depending on the device’s screen size. The screens are fully compatible with any touchscreen device using a modern web browser, allowing for no loss in function compared to a desktop PC and with no extra app download required.

See below video showing in action how a mobile device can be used with FBO One:

In a typical FBO operation, a lot of communication takes place between the Operation and Ramp departments, in order to ensure efficient progress of ramp services. For example, Operations instruct Ramp Agents to complete services on the ramp and the Ramp Agents contact Operations when the services is in progress or has been completed. The Operation department typically updates FBO One, due to the Ramp agents not having a dedicated screen on the ramp for FBO One to simply register the work themselves.

The classic ramp screen is specially designed to support the ramp agents in their work and aims to be usable on mobile devices like the iPhone and Android, it can also be used on a desktop PC as well. A good option also is to place a touch-screen monitor in portrait mode or an iPad on the wall. Windows has an on-screen keyboard (osk.exe) that can be position at the bottom of the touch-screen monitor.

Providing an overview of all ramp specific information and services that can easily be updated and completed. As the ramp screens is optimized for mobile usage, only the most relevant information is shown. Information is also shown in the most compact form to optimize screen size. The ramp screen is available to all users that are allowed to view front office orders.

To get started just click on the 'ramp' link in the top menu, or log in to FBO One using a mobile device.

Note: Using the system on mobile devices may be a issue due to IP Whitelist security, but connecting through WiFi will normally work.