Ramp screen

The ramp screen is accessible by selecting "Ramp" in the top menu bar.

This screen provides an overview of all the open orders just like the Ops screen.

Each order displays typically the following information (details that are shown here are configurable):

  • Registration code
  • Aircraft type
  • Order status
  • Parking Stand
  • Most actual arrival and departure information including slot times
  • Operator
  • All services with ‘Show in ramp screen’ set to true

From this screen you can select an order to view the order details.

Order details

In the order screen for mobile devices all uncompleted and completed ramp services are displayed.


From this screen you can select a service to process it through the workflow.
Beneath the services section of this screen, order related processes such as 'Add service' and 'Set parking', payment, sending movements etc. are available.

At the foot of the screen the bulletin board is displayed in yellow when there are bulletin board messages for an order.

Service details

The service details screen for mobile devices displays all the workflow transitions that can be executed based on the current state of the service. In the example below you can select the 'Completed' operation to mark the service as completed.
For services such as catering, the delivery time and supply order details are also displayed if available.

Clicking on the service opens up a new screen with further service details and workflow options

Completing and processing services

Transition screens show the same fields as in office-PC mode.
Just enter the details and select the OK-button to apply the changes.

Adding services

The add service screen for mobile devices displays a quick-list of most commonly used ramp services, making it easy to select and add a service to an order. Additional services are available beneath the quick-list.
The quick-list contains all the services with the flag ‘Show in ramp screen’ checked.

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