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Handling confirmation (Glossary)
FBO One sends handling confirmation messages as PDF documents by email to the operator. You can setup the body text of the email message that accompanies the PDF document in the email settings screen. It is also possible to send a text-only version of the handling confirmation, without the PDF attachment. You setup the text-only confirmation here.

It is also possible to automatically attach backup documentation to the handling confirmation email message. Examples of this are a flight chart of the airport, or the FBO price list. It is even possible to send information regarding particular third party services. For example, information about the hotel that was arranged for the crew, and how to reach it.

This article shows contents and configuration options of the handling confirmation PDF report. It is very similar to the Handling request PDF report. The difference between the two reports is that the confirmation is that the handling request displays the order's internal remarks, and the handling confiramation does not. The operations department would typically use a hard copy of the handling request as a cover sheet for any paper based files. The confirmation is the document that is sent to the client.

The handling confirmation can be sent automatically by the HandlingConfirm transition workflow transition action.

Configuration options 
  1. The introduction text can be configured in the 'HandlingConfirmation-HeaderInformation' report setting. It is intended to have an introduction text.
  2. For every product you can configure whether or not it should show up on the confirmation (handling or airport fees are usually hidden)
  3. The footer text is configurable in 'HandlingConfirmation-Footer' setting. It is intended to have address details and other contact information like websites and frequencies.
  4. The logo can be configured, and the text 'handling confirmation by ' is ammended with the setting 'ReportFBOLocation'
  5. The text at the bottom can be configured in the 'HandlingConfirmation-FooterInformation' setting. It is indetended to inform the client to check the details and/or to note general things like 'please contact on radio 10 min before landing' or parking limitations during certain periods.
  6. If the departure is pending a configurable text can be displayed here instead of the filled in departure time and '?'.
  7. It is possible to add extra PDF pages to the confirmation PDF file, for example to add a legal disclaimer. Also, if an hotel reservation is made, the confirmation can contain a PDF file documenting the details of the hotel. To set this up, create one or more confirmation auto add documents.

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