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Receipts and invoices

FBO One produces a receipt in the front office for the captain, and an invoice in the back office.

Workflow in the front office: 

  • Create the order
  • Enter/execute services
  • Via the Pay button, take payment
  • Print the receipt for the captain. The FBO One receipt is very similar to what you would receive in a hotel as the folio. The receipt prints a "payments" section at the button showing the amount paid. Each payment also has a payment ID number. Also any remaining balance due is printed. 
  • Captain leaves 
  • Depart the order and register to back office 

Workflow in the back office 

  • Review backup documentation and approve the order
  • Create invoice
  • If on-account customer with an amount due, send invoice by email or hard copy. Otherwise, just keep it for internal use 
  • Create an entry containing the invoices and export it to the accounting system 

Sometimes the captain asks for his "invoice", as opposed to his "receipt". If you try to give the invoice to the captain (in the front office), you work against the system and get into issues, where you have to approve the order in the back office in a hurry. Upon checkout, the captain receives his receipt, not the invoice.

The layout of the receipt


Configuring the receipt layout

  1. The logo can be changed and the exact location can be set, see How to configure company logos on reports and on screen.
  2. The location of the address block can be set to match windowed envelopes using the 'EnvelopeWindowLocation' setting
  3. The location of the de details block can be set using the 'HandlingOrderSpecificationLocation' setting
  4. The title (handling order) can be changed in the administration settings.
  5. Services such as tows or baggage loading can be related to the arrival or departure of an aircraft. Especially if there are multiple tows performed for example, the customer could like to see if the tow was performed on the arrival day or the departure day. In FBO One the Arrival / Departure indicator is used for this:

    In the order screen you will now see an 'A' or 'D' in front of the service. On the handling order this 'A' or 'D' cannot be displayed. Instead an extra column for service dates can be shown. If the service is related to the arrival, the service date will be the arrival date and the same applies for the departure. To activate this you must add the setting 'HandlingOrderServiceDateVisible' to your FBO Location settings and set it to 'True'. Then you must check the box 'Show service date on handling order' in the product settings of each product you want the service date to show on the handling order.
  6. The VAT can be shown as a percentage or code, depending on the 'PrintVatInvoiceCode' setting
  7. The price can be shown in an alternative currency as configured in the adminsitration settings
  8. The price can be shown in words as configured in the adminsitration settings
  9. An extra text can be shown (signature of captain) based on the 'HandlingOrder-SummaryInfo'
  10. The footer text can be changed in the 'HandlingOrder-Footer'
  11. An aditional left margin can be set in the administration
  12. Normally the product description will be shown, but it could be the product code based on the 'ShowProductCodeInHandlingOrder' setting. Also showing the filter values is configurable in the 'ShowPriceAgreementDetailsOnInvoice' setting

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