Handling request PDF report

The handling request report shows a summary of the handling order and its services. It is meant for in-house use by the FBO.  The handling confirmation has a similar layout is meant for distribution to the client. The difference between the two reports is that the request also shows any internal remarks.


Configuration options 
  1. As this document won't be sent out to client, the introduction text shown on the confirmation is not available here.
  2. For every product you can configure whether or not it should show up on the request (handling or airport fees are usually hidden)
  3. The footer text is configurable in 'HandlingConfirmation-Footer' setting. It is intended to have address details and other contact information like websites and frequencies.
  4. The logo can be configured, and the text 'handling confirmation by ' is ammended with the setting 'ReportFBOLocation'
  5. If the departure is pending a configurable text can be displayed here instead of the filled in departure time and '?'.

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