Balanced Movements query

The balanced movement dataprovider will give information about the movements for a specific day. This report differs from the movements dataprovider in that the arrivals and departures are next to each other instead of a long list.

The options listed below are the options most valuable for this dataprovider. They are the same as the movements dataprovider, with an extra option available: generateBlankLinesPerHour

Optional settings

balanceLinesAD (bool, default=false)
With this option set to true, the report will compare the Arrivals and Departures and balance the rows so that the flights will be on lines according to the time of departure/arrival. With this option set to false, there are e.g. departures at 8:00 on the same line as an arrival at 10:00 in the report. 

In combination with the MinimumNumberOfLinesPerHour setting, this can prevent the creation of blank lines before say 6 in the morning.

This opton will create a blank line if there are less flights than defined lines per hour when set to true. For example, if you have set 2 lines per hour and there is only 1 flight in that hour, with this option on, where will still be a blank line in the block of that hour. With this option off, despite there are 2 lines per hour set, there will be only 1 line.

In combination with the MinimumNumberOfLinesPerHour setting, this can prevent the creation of blank lines after say 2200.

Setting this to a non-zero value will insert blank lines (just the time fields will be filled) so a fixed number of lines per hour is output. This can be used to create reports that have a fixed number of lines, with the actual movemens in a sensible position. Setting this to 4 for example, will create at least 1 line for every 15 minute period in an hour. If there are 4 or more movements in an hour, no extra lines will be created. You may want to use the 'AddBlankLineAfterEachMovement' as well, in order to make sure every movement has at least one blank line.

IncludeOrdersInStage(string; default = FrontAndBackOffice; possible values: Quote,FrontOffice,BackOffice,FrontAndBackOffice)
Whether or not orders in a particular stage should be included in the report. If not specified, orders being in front or in back office stage will be included.

IncludeCancelledOrders (default=false)
Whether or not Cancelled orders should be included in the report.

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