Parking history query

Use this query to retrieve the history of parking ground movements.

You can request the list either for a given time span or for an individual order.

This query was originally named 'UAF parking movements' as it was originally built for Universal Aviation France, but has since been renamed to 'Parking history' query. It returns one row for each parking assignment in every order in the filter.

Cancelled orders are skipped when filtering by a time span.

A good use for this query is to:

  • Report to the airport all of parking history per stand for a given month
  • Generate an invoice backup document when invoicing an individual order. This way you can show your client the exact data on which their parking charges are based. To do this, setup this query an Order report.

Optional Settings

IncludeOutbasedStations (bool; default=false)
This setting was introduced in version  #6158 20-Oct-15. It allows the report to include parking history from outbased stations which are normally not included in this report.

IncludeParkingsWithoutOffblocksInDateFilter (default=false)
This setting allows showing a line on the report containing the on-block details of an A/C, even if no off-block date/time have yet been entered. (See row 9 of the above screenshot)

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