Parking planning query

The parking planning dataprovider is inteded to allow generating reports showing the planned parking positions, to allow parking planning based on that. It is used as the basis for the generic 'parking per day' report (see 'ResultType' optional setting).

Optional settings

ExtraDaysForLongTerm (int; default=0)
This option allows to show more than a single day in the output, even though the filters are restricted to 1 day. This allows to return results for a longer period even though the query is used in a daily report

ResultType (text; default=All)
This option can be:
'registrationsonly' to only report the regitrations that are parked in the given period
'positionsonly' to only report the positions used in the the given period
'allpositionsformultipleaircraft' to only report the positions that are marked for multiple aircraft
'allpositions' to report all parking positions in the system.

ShowHistory (bool; default=false)
Only when this option is true, historic parking positions of every order will be added to the output. If true, only the current (planned) position will be reported. If you need all assignments of every order, you may consider using the Parking movements (UAF) query.

IncludeOrdersInStage(string; default = FrontAndBackOffice; possible values: Quote,FrontOffice,BackOffice,FrontAndBackOffice)
Whether or not orders in a particular stage should be included in the report. If not specified, orders being in front or in back office stage will be included

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