FBO locations (Administration)

In this screen you can create new FBO locations, and define FBO location settings. See FBO Location (Fields) for a list of all fields.


The page contains three table editors.

  1. The 'FBO locations' table editor can be used to edit FBO locations. The fields that can be configured for an FBO location record are documented here.

  2. 'Custom values' can be used to define custom value fields for the selected FBO location. You can select an FBO location in the table editor by clicking the 'select' command.

  3. In 'FBO location settings', settings can be defined for the selected FBO location. These settings will override the default application settings.

Not all application settings can be set per FBO location, applying these settings will have no effect per FBO.

A full list of application settings that can be set per FBO can be found below.

FBO location settings: