Parking price categories (Administration)

In this screen, different parking categories may be created for assignment to parking areas. This allows for different parking rates per product. 

Assigning Parking Categories to Products - Example:

Station KHOU has two possible parking areas:

  • 'Default GA Parking' containing standard GA Parking stands.
  • 'Hangarage' containing space for aircraft parked in the FBO Hangar.

Each of these parking areas charge parking at different rates:

  • 'Default GA Parking' at USD 200 per 24-hours.
  • 'Hangarage' at USD 250 per 24-hours.

Therefore when a parking position is assigned to an Order, FBO One uses the 'parking area' assignments and calculates using the relevant parking calculator to apply the correct rates:

Two parking products exist for each parking area 'PARKING - DEFAULT GA' and 'PARKING - HANGAR'.

Within each product, the relevant Parking Calculator is defined along with the Parking position price assignment (Parking price category).


When a parking position is assigned to an Order, the relevant price category according to the parking area is applied.

The below Order shows the aircraft parked at position 'A1', which has been price categorised as part of the area 'Default GA Parking'.
This results in the quantity and the amount for product 'PARKING - DEFAULT GA' to be applied,

'PARKING - HANGAR' is set to quantity and amount 0 due to a Hangarage position not being set. 

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