The test email list is used to redirect all email messages sent by FBO One from test systems to your own email address. This is to prevent that your clients or suppliers will receive any messages generated during testing, and also allows you to validate any message templates before applying them on the live system.

Note that this list is only used when the setting 'AllowLiveUpdates' is set to FALSE. 

The Test Email recipients can be defined in two places within FBO One:

1) Application Settings

When FBO One is used to manage a single FBO Location the test email recipient(s) may be entered here.
Once entered, the list of recipients for test emails will show at the top of the screen 

2) FBO Locations

Whereby FBO One is used at multiple locations, the TestEmailList can be defined on a per location basis
Once a TestEmailList is defined via FBO Locations, the email address(es) entered under Application Settings > TestEmailList will be overridden. This change will again show at the top of the screen once the page is refreshed.

The TestEmailList can accommodate one or multiple email addresses. Each should be separated by a semi-colon.
Use the 'Edit' button against this setting to change/update the TestEmailList recipients


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