Unlock user (Administration)

FBO One offers profound user management and security settings. Besides roles and authorization settings for certain users FBO One logs login attempts and displays them in a Security Audit report. This report can also be used for user management purposes like login history (e.g. to deactivate accounts that are no longer used).

To prevent hacking and accessing the system by unauthorized users, FBO One blocks the IP-address/username combination after 5 consecutive login attempts. FBO One then displays the following warning:

However, in practice it may occur that authorized users accidentally mistype their username and/or password and their account gets locked for security reasons. The administrator then can unlock users by following these steps:

  • Print the Security Audit report (Reports/Security Audit). This Excel report contains 3 sheets: Login Attempts, Sessions and Users. The first two sheets contain the user name and IP-address of the blocked user account.

  • Enter this information into the 'Unlock user' screen:
  • Make sure to enter the username and IP-address exactly the way it is displayed in the report (or use copy/paste) and click 'OK'.

*The amount of consecutive login attempts is set as default at 10. In Administration/Application/Settings you can edit this setting (MaxConsecutiveFailedLoginAttempts).

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