Main Menu

The FBO One main menu is used for navigating between different pages of FBO One. The menu can be opened (if not already docked) from the top left icon next to the ‘OPS’ title button. 


Key menu features


The main menu allows for easy searching of all FBO One pages (authorised for the user). All results will highlight and show the relevant menu group it belongs to.

Note: Pressing ‘X’ will clear the search and collapse any open menu headers.

Docking the menu, will always show the menu in all screens for easy searching and page changes. To dock the menu to always show, click the following top right icon (to undock, click once more):

Note: The menu will auto-dock on login for all users.

Current page highlight

The current page open, will show in bold blue text blue background as a highlight.

Recently visited pages

Previously visited pages are saved in the 'Recently Used' menu header to allow quick access to previously open orders/pages. This list will automatically update when visiting pages

Switching between FBO Locations

FBO One allows for multiple locations. Any location, the user has been granted access, will be listed in the main menu under ‘Switch FBO’. Selecting a location will load the default Operations screen for that location.

Note: Depending on user access ‘Switch FBO’ may not be shown in the main menu. 

Creating new records

The Create New Record menu header contains direct links for adding new master data to FBO One, including:

Note: Each menu header (marked with bold text) can be expanded by clicking anywhere on the line. To collapse any expanded menu headers, click once more.

Changing between Ops screens

Once in the main menu expand the ‘OPS Pages’ item to show each Ops screen to choose from. Alternatively, clicking ‘Select Default’ will allow you to default to your preferred Ops screen.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Open menu and activate ‘Search menu’: ALT + .

The following keyboard shortcuts below allow for quick 'OPS Pages' swapping:

  • Handlings: ALT + H

  • Movements: ALT + M

  • Classic OPS: ALT + O