Plan board (Ops)

The FBO One Plan Board is situated on the right side of the OPS screen. It graphically shows flights for the next 12 hours, to give a quick overview of what is happening. The colors indicate the status of the flight. They can be configured in the workflow state.

At the top, a black bar graph gives an indication for the number of movements for every 15-minute period.


When hovering over a flight with the mouse, the flight is highlighted in the order grid. After a simple click on a flight a menu apears to navigate directly to the order or its services.

The letter P before or after a flight indicates an airport slot has been arranged.

The letter T before a flight means this the flight is in transit, usually based on data from the CFMU link.

Home operator orders and home based aircraft

Because home operator orders appearing on the plan board chart depict the air time and not the on ground time, as it is the case for the regular handling orders, home operator orders and home based aircraft have some particular features.


As shown in the images above order AMS-146 is a home operator order using a home based aircraft VPBSN.

The gray area surrounding the AMS-146 order is the time frame in which the aircraft itself is on ground. 

The information shown between round brackets in case of VPBSN and 1205 home based aircraft is the remark entered while defining the time frame and fbo location for which the current aircraft is home based.


It is also possible in case of home based aircraft to display 2 or more home operator orders on the same chart bar (shown in the two images above)

There are of course exceptions from this rule of displaying home operator orders and these exceptions apply to home operator orders that have a pending arrival or departure. Therefor these kind of orders are displayed on a separate bar chart, just like regular handling orders (see image below)

In this case the VPBSN aircraft registration is marked as being home based but order itself (yellow bar) is displayed in a separate chart bar, because it has a pending arrival.

Once the pending value is entered the order is displayed within one chart bar: 

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