Order screen

The order screen has several tabs and shows the details of the order, allows to do operations on the order, print the order reports (request, confirmation and handling order). The flight leg details are shown and can be edited (in the edit flights screen) from here too. By following links this screen also gives access to all order-related information: aircraft registration and type, debtor, operator and of course all services.



This tab shows a selection of the services: just the services that need work (with a workflow attached) or that don't have a price yet. Whether or not a task tab is shown is configurable in the settings of FBO One.


All services for the order and their details are shown here. Depending on the product configuration and type of order thist list can get very long. Thats why usualy you'll see a 'tasks' tab as well.


The flight leg details (origin, destination, ETA, ETD etcetra) are summarized in the column on the left, but the full detail is available in this tab.


Only when the parking module of FBO One is enabled, this tab will show you the parking positions and ground movements of the aircraft. The parking positions here are edited through a table editor. Best practice is to use the 'Set parking position' link in the menu on the left whenever possible.


The list of crew/pax of the aircraft. Only initials are shown for privacy reasons, you'll have to edit to see a name. Crew/pax data is edited through table editors.

It is also possible to select crew member / passenger data when they have been entered into the system before. To do this click on the option 'Copy pax/crew from previous flights'

Finance bulletin board

This tab will only show if you have privileges to see financial bulletin board messages. Regular bulletin board messages will always be shown in the bulletin board column at the right of the screen.

Third-party log

Entries in the log created by other parties than yourself or the system. Here updates from Netjets or CFMU will show up, until they have been reviewed.


The history of changes for this order and related flightlegs and services from the audit log.


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