How to Update a Password

A user can change their individual password either the first time they log in (if it is a Private account) or at any time.

First, log in to your FBO One system.

Type "Password" in the search window and select "Change Password".

Change the password to a new password of your choice. 

To change a Password in a Group Account:

The following page will be displayed:

NOTE: In order to change the password to a Group account the User must have access rights to their own Private account i.e. a username and password for their private account. This is a security measure to ensure that Group members cannot change the password to a group account at will.

Enter the group account's current password, followed by the New password, then confirm the new password in the third field.

Next, enter your own login and password for your Private account.

Finally enter your Group member Pass code to validate the new password.

Click on OK to save the New Password for the Group account. Remember to inform all users of the change.

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