The privilege system uses roles. Depending on their role, users are allowed or denied access to every part of the system.

usually the following roles are recognized:

  1. OPS
    ops users that can only handle/create orders
  1. RAMP
    ramp users that can only add and complete services and set parking position
  1. ADMIN
    duty officers that can also edit/add aircraft registrations, contacts and bulletin board messages
  1. ACC
    Accounting staff that can also do the billing and maintain the product price agreements
  1. POWER
    Allowed to change/create products, aircraft types
  1. MGT
    not really used: is meant for ‘semi-read only’ access for upper management (reporting, etc.)
    This role is meant for creating and editing users 

To edit the roles users have, go to the Users screen in Administration.

To edit what the roles give access to, go to the Authorizations screen in Administration. To read more about authorization, see Authorizations (Security).