Contact Charge VAT settings

The "Charge VAT" field in of a contact controls how the VAT code for a service will be selected.

  • Controlled by VAT calculator is the default value. The local VAT calculator such as UK VAT or AOC-based VAT will be used to determine if VAT can be exempt on airside handling services.
  • Never charge VAT can be used if the the debtor is fully exempt of VAT in all cases. 
  • Operator determines VAT can be used for brokers. If your tax law allows for it, you use this setting to charge VAT based on the Charge VAT setting of the operator of the flight, while the debtor of the order that will be invoiced is the broker.
  • Exempt for airside products can be used to force exception of VAT on all airside handling products and services.
  • Always take VAT from product enforces that VAT is charged for this debtor for all products. 

In all cases, if VAT is charged for a service, the EC reversed VAT logic may set the VAT to reversed/0%.

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