Audit log (Glossary)

Every change in FBO One is recorded in the audit log. This way, it's always possible to check who made a change and when it happened.

To access the logs for changes made to Administration settings, use the 'View log' link for the individual setting record, or use the 'View log' link in the header of a table to see all changes. The link in the header includes deleted records in the log.

Here is an example of the audit log for an individual setting.

To see who made changes to an order, use the Log tab available on the order screen.

Here is an example of the audit log for a new order.

It is also possible to see changes made to an aircraft or organization record by using the Log tab in the record.

There is also an option to run an Audit report available from the Reports tab.


Audit Log storage times

 NOTE: The Audit Log is only retrievable for a limited period of time. This ensures that the storage of data does not slow down the system. Once this pre-defined period is surpassed, audit changes can no longer be found.

The number of days for which the audit log is stored can be found under Application Settings > AuditLogExpirationDays. The maximum recommended value for this setting is 180-days.

Audit Log reporting

Reporting on Audit changes is also possible by running an 'Audit' report. The report contains all changes made in FBO One over the selected period. 


Given the potential size for this report, it is recommended to run the report for short periods so that the report generates in a reasonable amount of time.
It is also possible to filter the report by User or by Table (e.g. audit changes made only to Orders, Aircraft Types, Contacts etc.).

In the below example, audit changes to 'Orders' but only those made by the 'Accounting' User Account are being requested for the given period.

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