Auto-add product (Glossary)

Auto-add products are used to automatically add certain products to orders. The condition of when to add the product can be specified in detail. For example, if the order is of the handling order workflow, the Handling fee product can be automatically added to the order.

You can also configure the auto add products to apply to a specific ‘Debtor’, ‘Handling category', ‘Trip support provider’ and even ‘Aircraft registration’. An example of this would be the debtor ‘Amsterdam Software’; they always take a weather brief, coffee and ice cubes. Instead of manually adding these services on each flight they can be added automatically by configuration in the ‘Auto-add Products’.

 The key benefits of this include:

  1. No lost services / revenue
  2. Quality: Staff will be aware of the services required before crew request them
  3. Time saving

The ‘Auto-add products’ can be found in left hand column of the ‘Administration’ screen

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