Entry (Glossary)

In FBO One, an entry is a file to be imported by the accounting system. An entry usually has multiple invoices, but is always for a single entry period period. The amount of detail in the entry depends on the kind of link used for the accounting system. The minimum is invoice totals and debtor information, but it can be as detailed as individual services. Usually, services are grouped by ledger code.

Entries can be viewed using the back office screen. They are created automatically, when invoices are booked in FBO One. When an entry has been imported in the accounting system the state can be set to 'processed'.

Entries can be deleted, which will cause the invoices on in the entry to return from 'booked' to 'sent to debtor'. Of course, entries should only be deleted if they have not been imported in the accounting system yet or are removed there as well.

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