Flight leg (Glossary)

A flight leg or movement is a flight sector with one take-off and a subsequent landing.

FBO One is designed to plan everything that happens on the ground, so every handling order is usually related to two flight legs. For visiting aircraft, the has an inbound the inbound leg and an outbound leg. For aircraft that are home-based at the FBO, a handling is in many cases about a departure movement and a related arrival back to base. 

In special cases, like aircraft that arrived or will depart via another handler, or coming in for long term maintenance, orders can have just one flight leg. These are half handlings. Half handlings are also quite common for orders automatically imported via the Netjets link.

OTC Orders have no flight legs at all.

To edit the flight legs of an order use the 'Edit flights' link in the order screen to go to the edit flights screen.

Arrival and departure times

The order screen, and OPS and movements screens in FBO One display the most actual time for each leg.

To display the most actual time, FBO One picks the first available value from the following fields.

ATA: Actual time of arrival. Entered by the FBO staff via the Arrive workflow screen.
ETA: Estimated time of arrival. Taken from the actual flight plan, typically via a link with Eurocontrol or FlightAware, or entered via the Edit screen.
Airway slot: Airway slot assigned by Air Traffic Control.  Typically imported via a link with Eurocontrol or FlightAware
Airport slot: Airport slot assigned by the Airport. Typically requested by the FBO at the airport, and set via the Airport Slot workflow screens.
STA: Scheduled time of arrival. Entered when creating the order and updated upon request by the operator.

The same logic applies to the most actual departure time.

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