The FBO One systems

The FBO One systems

FBO One is web based and hosted in the cloud by Amsterdam Software. Amsterdam Software is a Silver Certified Microsoft Partner for Custom Development Solutions. FBO One is certified for compliance with the GDPR, SSAE 18 and ISAE 3402 standards.

Each company that uses FBO One has access to

  1. a live system for day to day use
  2. a test system to test new functionality and to test configuration changes
  3. a shadow system that acts as a backup to the live system for contingencies.
Live system

The servers that make up the live system are redundant -- for each server there is a hot standby that will take over if the other fails. End users will not notice such fail over events as they are handled within seconds.

The live system is accessed on the address , with xxx replaced with the client identifier.

Shadow system (read only)

The shadow system is located in a remote data center to prevent that it is affected in case the live data center is hit by a natural disaster. The data in the shadow system is at most 15 minutes behind the live system. Users can log in to the shadow system at any time, but it is read only. In case the live data center is offline for an extended time span, Amsterdam Software can activate the shadow system for updates.

The shadow system is accessed on the address , with xxx replaced with the client identifier.

Test (sandbox) system

The test system can be used by end-users to test new versions of FBO One. It can also be used for testing configuration changes, investigating issues and/or training of new users.

The test system is automatically configured not to send any email (like movement messages or supply orders), so testing does not affect the outside world.

At any time, Amsterdam Software can move a copy of the live database to the test environment to make sure such tests are as close to reality as possible. Any configuration changes in the test system will be lost after the database is copied again from live, so please inform the support team in case you need to keep your partially completed test cases for more than a day.

It is possible for users to copy the live database using the 'Get live database' option in the Administration | Demo and Training section.

The test system is accessed on the address , with xxx replaced with the client identifier.

IT details

FBO One is developed in-house at Amsterdam Software in Amsterdam, and is built on top of the most recent Microsoft .NET framework. Amsterdam Software delivers FBO One from two information security compliant Cloud Providers: Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. Automatic fail-over ensures zero down time in case of a data center failure. In case of a full outage of one of the cloud providers, the shadow environment at other cloud provider can take over without data loss.