Pending departure (Glossary)

In an order, the departure time can be 'pending' to indicate the exact departure time is not known at this point. In the order grid and plan board, a question mark will indicate the pending departure like in the Saceur flight below:


FBO One always want a time in the ETD field, it cannot be left blank. Best practice is to enter a best guess, or a fixed time like 23.59 (# is the keyboard shortcut in time boxes for that) or the last day of the month, the end of the shift, or 21.21 as it is easy to type. Then, the pending departures need to be reviewed every morning or shift. On the handling confirmation and handling request, a configurable text can be displayed (for example 'Pending') when the Pending box is checked, instead of the guessed time. Go to FBO Location to configure this text.


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