Price agreement (Glossary)

To allow prices to be automatically calculated, FBO One allows for price agreements to be set up for products. To create or edit price agreements, find the product using the main search box and open the 'price agreements' tab in the product screen. Every price agreement consists of two main parts: 

  1. The filter
  2. The price or percentage

The filter defines in which case the specified price is applicable. This filter usually has an FBO location and a product. Those filter values define to which FBO and product the price or percentage applies. Among others, the filter values can also include MTOW, debtor, flight type, handling category, form of payment and custom values.
The filter makes up the first part of the price agreement edit screen:

When a price list changes as of a particular future date, the new price agreements can be entered in FBO One ahead of time. This done by setting the 'valid before' filter value of the current price agreements to the date that the new prices will come into effect. By adding the new price agreements with a 'valid until date' such as 1-Jan-3000, FBO One will automatically apply the new set of prices as of the date the previous agreements expireat the correct date.

Price or percentage

The price or the percentage for a price agreement is defined in the second part of the price agreement edit screen:

For each price agreement either the price or the percentage must be entered. A percentage is used to define the relative price of a service surcharge discountHow to configure a specific service discount.

If a product has no (applicable) price agreement for a certain order, a price for the service has to be set manually in each order.

For complex charges, such as ramp fees for parking, where the price is not a simple an amount times a quantity, products can be configured to use price calculators. Also, some services might be charged based on the number of passengers by using a calculator.

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