When there is a new version of FBO One available for release, Amsterdam Software makes it available for end-user acceptance testing on the test system. Before the new version is moved to the live system, Amsterdam Software requires its clients to test and accept the new version. This requirement exists because FBO One is a very configurable system, and the way the system is used and behaves may be different based on the configuration for each FBO location.

For this acceptance test, you should at least: 

  • Create an order, add some common services, create an invoice for the order, and book it to your accounting system.
  • Compare the handling order against a similar order on the live system to check for bugs in the new version.
  • Check the email messages generated by FBO One. No actual email messages will be sent from the user test system, any messages, such as movement messages and supply orders will be redirected to the recipients listed in the TestEmailList setting. Therefore, make sure that your email address is present in this list.
  • Check all daily location specific reports that may have been set up in your organization.

Also, you may want to:

  • Use the most recent version of your live database on the usertest system. To do this you can copy the live database to the test system via the adminsitration screen.
  • Check the specific changes that were the reason for this update. See the release notes.
  • Check other changes that were mentioned in the changelist and could be relevant.
  • If there is any significant change in user interface or you procedures after this change, inform all users in your organization about this and train them on it as appropriate.

Typically these checks should be done for every FBO location, as configuration can be very different from location to location. For organizations with multiple locations, it may be useful to have a procedure in place where every location has to put at least one test order including the invoice for it in the test system, and report back the ordernumber of that test order. That way it is guaranteed everybody at least knows about the change.