How to use airport slots

In this how-to, it will be explained how to use the two airport slot products: 'AP SLOT IN' and AP SLOT OUT'. These products are created to keep track of the airport slot times and ppr numbers. 'AP SLOT IN' is meant for the arrival slot and 'AP SLOT OUT' is used for the departure.

Select the 'Request slot' action to enter the airport slot information. If no slot is required, click 'Slot not required'.

The status now changes to request and the next step will be to confirm the slot once the confirmation from the airport is in.

Now click on 'Conform slot' and fill in the slot number in the 'Supplier order number' box.

The status will now change to 'Request new slot' to be able to request a new slot if the aicraft is for example delayed.

The airport slot ID for both arrival and departure are displayed on the handling confirmation report.