How to use custom values in price agreements

Using the standard filters in the price agreements, it's simple to create special prices or discounts for:

  1. Certain debtors
  2. Certain origin or destination station groups
  3. Certain forms of payment
  4. etc. etc.

But to do other things, like setting up special prices for:

  1. client groups ('gold' clients who get special rates)
  2. aircraft types (helicopters, or vintage aircraft)
  3. airport or country specific noise categories

You'll need custom values to make it happen. As an example, below we explain how to do create a special price for blue tailed aircraft. There is also a related article on how to setup discounts or airport fee exemptions using custom values. The related article contains some real life examples, while this article is more abstract.

Step 1. Choose clear names for custom properties and custom values.

Examples of good names are:

Custom property

Custom values

Tail color

blue, orange, yellow

Discount group

none, silver, gold, platinum

Aircraft type

helicopter, prop, jet, amphibian, balloon

LFBP Noise cat

1, 2, 3a, 3b, 4

Engine count

0, 1, 2

Note that the names of custom properties can be used to populate columns in Excel based custom reports, and the custom values can appear as values in these reports. Therefore, renaming an existing property or value can have the side effect of breaking such reports. So, be careful when choosing the names for the properties and the values, and retest all custom reports after you choose to rename them.

Step 2. Define Custom properties and values

Now define the custom property and values using the 'Custom values' screen in the administration.

In this example, we will setup a special price for aircraft that have a blue tail. Therefore, we define the following property and values:

The important thing here is de 'AllowDuplicates' checkbox in the custom property. In our example we don't allow duplicates, because every aircraft can have only one tail color.

Step 3. Allocate the custom values to the entities they apply to

In our case, we'll set the 'TAILCOLOR blue' to the debtor 'KLM', but 'TAILCOLOR orange' to the registration PH-KBX. Also, we could set the 'TAILCOLOR blue' custom value to any registration we know has a blue tail, or even an aircraft type (if there would be a type that's only flying with blue tails, but it does make sense for engine count for example)

A way of looking at it, is we're actually adding new fields to FBO One on the fly. There will probably never be a 'tailcolor' field in the aircraft registration, but if a type of custom value is used often enough it will be replaced by a real field in FBO One.

Step 4. Create price agreements

Now we can use the custom value in price agreements, and for example set up a special price for blue tailed aircraft, so it will work for KLM but not if they use the KBX. (because that is orange).

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