Use table editors

In many places in FBO One data can be edited by using the table editor. Table editor screens all look like this part of the flight types table:

The search box at the top allows to find and/or filter the list, to find the record you're looking for. The first line is blue because its selected. That has no meaning here, but we'll get to that later.

To delete a record select it (or multiple) using the select boxes, check the 'confirm delete' checkbox and click the delete button.

To add a new record, just click 'Add New', fill the fields and click save.


Editing records 

The edit link before a record allows you to open it for editing, like here in countries:


Beware this moves the 'Delete' and 'Add new' buttons with the 'save' and 'cancel' buttons to the location in the list where the edited record is, which might be confusing at first. Also notice the record we edit is selected as well: the line is now blue.


Master/detail table editors

Sometimes data in FBO One is in related tables. Below an example for user accounts. Each user account (the master table), has a set of roles assigned to it (the detail table). This is also called a parent/child relationship.

In such cases its important to keep in mind the detail tables work on records related to the selected row in the parent table.


Tip: to keep overview in master/detail tables, you can use the search box to filter the data in the master table, and show only the record you're working on.